About Turkish Delight Tea

Simple tea shop Chocolate & Rose Tea = Geraldine’s legacy to simple tea before jetting off to Canada…and what a tea to leave us with! Inspired by the chocolate sweet Turkish delight Edmund received from the White Witch during their first encounter in Narnia in C. S. Lewis’ novel The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe and C.S. Lewis was right – Turkish Delight is dangerously addictive, especially in tea form! Using cocoa as an indulgent starting point, adding black tea, rose petals & natural rose oil – a stunning tea and a nod to the traditional chocolatey Turkish delight that we know & love today…which of course the tasting team had to carry out numerous tastings alongside the favourite chocolate treat – just to ensure this blend matched up to its name…


Loose leaf black tea (55%), cocoa kernels (37%), rose petals (4%), flavouring.

How we like it

Use freshly drawn boiled water. Infuse one tea measure per pot and brew for 2-5 minutes…Some of us like it with milk, others don’t – it’s your call!