About Green Tea Sencha

Our Green Tea Sencha is a staple green tea for everyday use, an all day tea that can be brewed up to 4 times. This is a smooth gentle fragrant tea if brewed for 3 minutes. A deeper flavour if brewed for longer.Traditionally a Japanese way to processing tea the Chinese took the method and made it their own. Bursting with antioxidants (the stay healthy and young ones) this is a must for every kitchen cupboard. Green tea sencha works wonderfully with seafood, salads, or chicken.


100% Fairtrade, Organic chinese green tea.

How we like it

Infuse one tea measure per pot, use freshly drawn boiled water, allow to cool to 70-80 degrees before brewing, brew for 2-5 minutes. If using the pyramid tea bag, simply place one pyramid bag into cup, add a little cool water & top with freshly boiled water (this means the delicate green tea leaves won’t be burnt which can cause the green tea to become bitter), then allow the green tea pyramid to brew for 2-5 minutes depending on your strength preference.